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“I was so hesitant to invest in branding advice…”

if I’m being honest I wasn’t really sure I needed to focus on this. It’s hard to know what to invest in online when it comes to advice and coaches. I’m so glad I decided to take the jump and work with Danielle, her advice & input into my brand has helped elevate my business to the next level and I couldn’t have done it without her. If you’re reading this and on the fence about making the investment, my best advice is to just do it! I wish I had done it sooner. I’ve reinvested in Danielle’s programs multiple times now, and each time it’s made a huge impact on my business! She’s extremely knowledgeable, always knows how to help me, and I felt so comfortable working with her. I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for me, Danielle. You have a true gift!

- Brittney Jones, Brittney Jones CEO, @brittneyceo

“Danielle made every step super easy and enjoyable…”

After failing (multiple times!) with my own brand design, I knew I needed to branch out and try something new. And Nova Strategics was my answered prayer! Working with Danielle was an absolute dream from start to finish. Not only did she go above and beyond to ensure I was happy with my design, but she genuinely took the time to understand my niche and my business, to create something beautiful. The process was seamless, from the initial mood board creation to the final branding board, Danielle made every step super easy and enjoyable. She perfectly nailed every aspect of the project from my brand colors to my textures, and everything in between. I even had to take three days to decide on my primary logo because I truly loved all of her designs and couldn’t decide!

I can’t say enough about Nova Strategics and how much I truly enjoyed working with Danielle on my new brand. Easily one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business!

-Kirsten Sieg, Pinterest Management, @thepinbar_

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“she always steers us in the right direction…”

When we first started the blog, we knew right away that we wanted it to be more than just a fun place to write out our feelings (though we wanted it to be that too.) We wanted it to be our business. To be something we could eventually do full time. Something we would give our all to. So we got in touch with Danielle, and asked for her help. She gave us an overview of what this was going to look like and how much work it was going to be. She worked with us while we built the first draft of our website and wrote several blog posts in preparation for making it public. But she didn’t leave us after that either. We call her for advice all the time and she always steers us in the right direction. Between her help and our teamwork, we have been able to accomplish something huge. If you are ready for results, I would highly recommend working with Danielle in any capacity.

- Sarah and Halle, Bloggers at Go for the Glow, @go4theglow